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Announcing AFP Mentoring!

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Mentoring is so invaluable to a photography business. This isn’t an easy career path, and it definitely takes a ton of work. There is no easy way to success, but we can help to guide you so that you avoid mistakes we’ve made and common pitfalls that we see with business owners in the industry! All mentoring clients must fill out an application to ensure that we’re the right fit for you! We definitely value our mentoring relationships, and we absolutely want you to get real, practical knowledge for your investment in your business when you mentor with us. We only accept mentoring clients who we truly believe we can help! If this isn’t the best time for you or if we feel like someone else will be a better fit for you, we will not waste your time or your money, and we will help you find the right fit!

We offer both online mentoring and in person mentoring, and we offer 1-on-1 options, as well as group options. All mentoring options include a follow up session 30 days later and the ability to email us with questions anytime after you complete your mentoring session. Beginning mid-March, all half day/full day in person mentoring clients will receive our comprehensive downloadable PDF workbook with everything there is to know about our business (both shooting + business)! Online mentoring clients may purchase the comprehensive downloadable PDF workbook.

A 50% non-refundable deposit and contract are required to book your mentoring spot. The final balance is due 48 hours prior to your mentoring session. For more information, please email me at Custom mentoring packages are available upon request. Once you’re accepted into our mentoring program and you book your spot, we’ll send a mentoring session questionnaire that will help us to determine a customized plan for your session so that no time is wasted! Mentoring sessions can cover any topic under the following four umbrellas: (1) technical/shooting/lighting, (2) post-processing/workflow, (3) business/marketing, (4) client education/experience. We will spend an average of 2-3 hours of work for every hour we spend mentoring on our end, and you should expect to spend 5-10 hours on your business perfecting the skills that we work on during your mentoring session. Like we said, there is no quick route to success, and even with the perfect business plan laid out for you and tips from the masters on your technical skills, you’ll only get out of mentoring what you put into it. If you’re ready to take that next step in your business, email us and we’ll send you the initial application!

*All mentoring sessions must take place within 90 days of reserving your date. At the time we book your mentoring session, we are unable to book any other client for that time slot. For this reason, and due to the nature of mentoring, we are unable to issue refunds. Clients who need to reschedule a mentoring session may be invoiced a $150 rescheduling fee.


1-on-1 Online Mentoring 
30 Minute Mini Mentoring Session (no follow up) – $150
1 Hour 1-on-1 Mentoring Session + 15 minute follow up 30 days later – $250
3 Hour 1-on-1 Mentoring Session + 15 minute follow up 30 days later – $500

Group Online Mentoring (2-5 participants)
1 Hour Group Mentoring Session + 15 minute individual follow ups 30 days later – $350
3 Hour Group Mentoring Session + 15 minute individual follow ups 30 days later – $600

1-on-1 In Person Mentoring
1 Hour 1-on-1 Mentoring Session + 15 minute follow up 30 days later – $250
1-on-1 Half Day + 30 minute follow up 30 days later – $500
1-on-1 Full Day + 30 minute follow up 30 days later – $900

Group In Person Mentoring
1 Hour Group Mentoring Session + 15 minute individual follow ups 30 days later – $350
Group Half Day + 30 minute individual follow ups 30 days later – $600
Group Full Day + 30 minute individual follow ups 30 days later – $1000

*Group options are the full price, which may be split among anywhere from 2-5 people.

If you want to take advantage of our mentoring specials, click the contact button on the toolbar above, and email us today!:)


We are giving away a FREE 3 hour 1-on-1 mentorship! The contest ends on 12/10. Enter today, and I’ll love you forever if you share this post on social media!:)

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December 3, 2014 - 2:26 pm

Elizabeth - I love your style Ashley, thanks for the opportunity!

December 4, 2014 - 10:20 pm

Christin Neporadny - I would like to enter the giveaway for the mentoring session. I hope this works! Let me know if I need to do anything else.

Thank you for the opportunity!

The Wedding Retreat with Ashley & Catherine

Can you believe 2015 is just around the corner? With the new year ahead some exciting things are in store for both our fantastic clients and fellow photographers alike! Over the past year, both myself and my wonderful friend and fellow wedding photographer, Catherine Rhodes, have noticed a growing interest in opportunities to learn from fellow photographers like ourselves. With years of photography knowledge between the two of us, we put our heads together to create something pretty amazing.

We introduce to you…


This two day, jammed packed wedding workshop will be held from Friday, March 13-Sunday, March 15 at a lake house just outside of St. Louis, MO. 

Accommodations AND meals are included in the ticket price!

Here’s what we have in store for this weekend retreat : 
Friday: Welcome Dinner & Q&A Session
Saturday: Walk through of a wedding on Saturday, including a styled shoot with key tips from Catherine on creating emotive portraits with your couples on such a busy day. Also, after Saturday’s dinner & Q&A session, Ashley will be teaching a lesson on OCF including reception lighting, sparklers, night shots, and cigar shots for the guys!
Sunday: A day chock full of our best business tips to get clients, treat them like gold, and have a life while running a successful wedding photography business. Sunday evening will be our big Q&A session.
Monday: Breakfast before departure!

Attendees will also receive two PDF workbooks (one from Ashley & one from Catherine) that will detail everything we talk about at The Wedding Retreat and more!


We are offering Early Bird Registration to 5 wonderful photographers. Not only could this be the very thing that helps refresh you for the new wedding season ahead, The Wedding Retreat could be an amazing opportunity to meet new faces in the industry while growing and learning together! Early Bird Registration ends December 31st 2014, so be sure to reserve your spot today HERE!

**Early bird registrations will receive a special gift from Ashley & Catherine!**


Neither Catherine nor myself do anything halfway, so you can be assured that you’ll have an AMAZING time at The Wedding Retreat & learn practical techniques, tips, and tricks to implement and boost your wedding photography business in 2015. So if you are interested in reserving your own seat at The Wedding Retreat (10 spaces available) please visit THE WEDDING RETREAT!

We can’t wait to meet each and every one of you!

Announcing | Unscripted Day in the Life Family Sessions

Ever since I became a mom five months ago, I’ve fallen in love with:

the unscripted.

the unedited.

the unplanned.

the real life.

the moments.

I rarely pull out my DSLR with Jackson. Most of his life has been captured on our iphones, but I don’t care. I want those moments. I want to remember that silly grin, his belly laugh, the genuine look on his dad’s face when he squeals, his first time discovering things in his world. The unscripted stuff.

I don’t care that my house isn’t clean. That the laundry sits in piles on our couch behind him in those photos. That we’re wearing our every day uniform of sweats and t-shirts. That I probably haven’t had time to shower that day, let alone put on a face of makeup or get dressed in real clothes. I want Jackson to know that he was loved. Deeply. Without abandon. I want him to know what real life was like. Not those gorgeous backlit portraits that I love so much. Of course he will still have those, but I want him to see us in our element. When we aren’t afraid of what people will think, but that we’re just being us. Loving on our little boy and enjoying our time as a family. Because let’s face it, we don’t know how much time we will have together.

My dad passed away when I was only four. I have one actual portrait of our family. I have a lot of snapshots. Precious, precious snapshots that showed me what we did when I was little. What real life was like. That my parents loved me. Those things are priceless. And I assure you that I do not care one tiny little bit what we were wearing, whether there were stains, whether the house was a mess, or whether my mom needed to lose weight. I don’t care. I care about those moments that show our life as a family.

Enter the black and white, completely unscripted, real moments, day in the life sessions. I’m SO excited to start offering these for family photos!!!

Melissa’s family was the first family that ever had the faith in me to hire me for family photos wayyyyyyyy back when I had no idea what I was doing. When I got the idea to start photographing these amazing family sessions, I knew I had to do my first one with Melissa, Brian, Anderson, and Cora.:)

photo of mom and daughter in kitchenpicture of little boy gardeningphoto of little girl helping mom in kitchenphoto of little girl and dad in the gardenphoto of mom and daughter playing outsidephoto of baby girl playing with blockspicture of little girl laughing with her motherlifestyle photo of kids playing in the playroomlifestyle family photoslifestyle family picturescandid family picsphotojournalism pictures of familyfamily photos of kids riding bikes and playing on playgroundcandid family picturesday in the life family photos of little girl setting the dinner tablephoto of little girl drawingphoto of little boy helping mom prepare dinnerpicture of mom reading to kidsphoto of kids playing in the leavespicture of family throwing leaveslifestyle family photography in st. louis


You can have your own day in the life session with me starting on November 1! Email me to schedule your session at

October 21, 2014 - 7:03 pm

Jeanette Hoelzer - Absolutely beautiful shots! Love your photography.

October 22, 2014 - 6:13 am

Cindy Dicken - Ashely, now I understand why you were driven to photography as your life’s passion. What a beautiful gift to this family-to have their life stand still on this random day and documented forever. Great job!

Chase Loves Lee Ella | Married

Chase and Lee Ella contacted me a few months ago to shoot a few hours of wedding portraits and intimate family photos before their super private wedding ceremony in mid-July. I was pretty darn excited to meet these two because they’re from my old stomping grounds in Tuscaloosa, Alabama! Roll Tide Roll! I didn’t get to meet them until that morning, and as soon as I saw them, I was in heaven. How CUTE are they?! I love Lee Ella’s short vintage dress and teal belt, and that bouquet??? TO DIE FOR. I bet you can’t guess where it came from!

photo of bride and groom with a vintage dress, teal heels, and a hat purse

I always get to my weddings a little early to scope out the lighting, and I happened to take a ton of random photos of the foliage while I waited for them to arrive. The Grand Basin in Forest Park is one of my favorite places to shoot because it has a little bit of everything, architecture, fountains, my favorite willow trees, and pretty flowers!

photo of bride and groom under willow tree

This bouquet. Seriously. I die. It’s from SCHNUCKS! What?! I can’t believe that a grocery store florist puts out this quality of work! I loved this bouquet so so much!! Put a succulent in your bouquet, and I’ll pretty much be guaranteed to love it. But pair it with purple, and I’ll swoon.

photo of schnucks purple succulent bridal bouquetphoto of bride and groom at the grand basinphoto of bride and groom under a willow treephoto of bride and groom at forest parkphoto of bride and groom at forest parkphoto of bride and groom under huge tree

Lee Ella and Chase didn’t have many requests, but they did ask me to take a photo of them with her parents’ wedding photo. I’m kind of in love with it!

photo of bride and groom holding parentphoto of groom picking bride upphoto of bride with naturally curly hair

Intimate family photos at a wedding are one of my most favorite things to shoot. Since I lost my parents so young, I really cherish this time and love to show off the relationships of my couple’s family members. Especially each of them with their parents!

photo of bride with her mom and dadphoto of groom with his mom and dadphoto of groom laughing with his grandma

^I mean that laugh. Seriously! Aren’t these photos so much better than the static, formal, everyone stand in a line at the altar family photos?! I love them. The light, the emotion, the candidness (well, they aren’t candid, but I won’t tell you what I do to get that reaction! It’s my secret!)

photo of groom

Cute kiddos always win with me.:)

cute photo of ring bearer and flower girlphoto of schnucks purple succulentbridal bouquet

That photo on the right is one of my favorite bride and groom photos ever. I don’t think she could have laughed any harder!! Ha!

photo of groom dipping bride at st louis munyphoto of groom holding a succulentportrait of bride and groom

She wanted to spin, and spin she did. What a perfect dress for a beautiful twirling bridal portrait!

photo of bride spinning at the saint louis muny

Thank you SO much, Lee Ella & Chase for letting me be a small part of your day! I had SO much fun with the two of you and your families! Next time I’m in Tuscaloosa, we’ll definitely need to get together!:)

October 13, 2014 - 9:29 pm

Houston Wedding Photographer - This is really beautiful! Great job!